June 29th 2014

Practical Hitch-hiking Advice

This is the transcribed version of a talk I gave at work on Nov 30th 2015 for lightning talks. I have edited it slightly to fit the written form a little better, but other than that it's fairly true to the original.

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Nepal Day 13

I met up with Bastien for a walk up to a monkey temple where a thievery monkey stole my peanuts to my delight. Later I finished the day with an endless stream of millet beer and said a sad goodbye to Nepal

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Nepal Day 12

The big charriot festival celebrating the coming of the moonsoon had been moved to the end of the monsoon because of the earthquake which gave me the opportunity to stroll through Patan's street next to a crowd of drunken people pushing what mostly resembled a giant christmas tree

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Nepal Day 11

I walked up to the beautiful Nevari hillside city of Baidapur and ordered a chicken dish that made the rest of my day and the drive to Kathmandy a nightmare

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Nepal Day 10

I get blessed with a coconut together with Rieko since we were the first guests to ever stay in the hotel where we were staying under the new management. We also have to shuffle our plans around because of a fuel crisis that has suddenly developed.

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Nepal Day 9

Getting to Pokhara and meeting up with Rieko again.

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Nepal Day 8

We descend to Jomsom.

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Nepal Day 7

The day where I didn't quite made the top but instead got struck by altitude sickness and ensuing fever, headaches and nausia.

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Nepal Day 6

Together with my guide Thome I set out to reach a small top in the area with a view out over Tilicho lake. It would be a three day trip so for the first day we were heading 1200meters up to set camp and walked all day through the valley in the shadow of Nilgiri.

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Nepal Day 5

After the transport fiasco of the day before I decided I might as well walk the 35km to Jomsom from Ghasa, so I set out on what turned out to be one of the most beautiful days of the trip

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Nepal Day 4

From Baglung I tried to get to Jomsom but after more than ten hours of driving in buses and waiting for buses to leave I had only made it to Ghasa 40km away

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Nepal Day 3

On our way back to Baglung Rieko took me past a brahmin village to hold a seminar with the women of the village on how to crochet cleaning sponges out of recycled packaging.

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Nepal Day 2

Rieko arranged that we walk up to a small mountain village called Bhakunde to stay the night with a wonderful family that treated us as royals

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Nepal Day 1

The first day of journal of my travels in Nepal where I travel to Baglung over Kathmandu and Pokhara and meet Rieko

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Find process by port

The other day I was trying to kill a master instance of Mesos but couldn't find it. I tried ```ps auwg | grep mesos``` but no Mesos processes turned up. I knew Mesos was running since I could access the http interface on port 5050, so in the end I ran:

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Persist Unix Processes

When I first set up a few web applications on my Digital Ocean instance I had a problem where my applications would stop working after a while. I would start the processes in an SSH session and while I was still connected to the server everything worked fine. However when the session would time out, the application would stop working.

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Cmus and Beet

I've recently fallen hard for a couple of command line tools that have improved my music listening experience on my laptop manifold. Beets calls itself a "media library management system for obsessive-compulsive music geeks" while Cmus is a keyboard driven console based music player.

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Compiling with Go (Golang)

As few notes on how to compile multiple files belonging to the same package.

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Using Knitwit

Ever wish you could easily convert an image in to a knitting pattern? — Then you would probably be interested in Knitwit which tries to make it as easy as possible to create your own knitting patterns in your browser.

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Set up static IP

A few notes on how to set up a machine with static IP in ubuntu 14.04

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Buying Durian

Buying durians in Singapore is a cultural experience in its own right. During durian season people will go to great lengths to get their hands on a good durian.

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IPython Tutorial

For work I made a small tutorial on using IPython for iterative development using a mandelbrot example to illustrate how IPython makes it possible to rapidly develop python code.

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