June 23rd 2014

This is a portfolio of some of my non-work related projects. Not everything I make is on here, (for that there's github), but I'll try to list projects here that I find interesting.


knitwit I had this idea for a scarf that I wanted somebody to knit, but in order to do so I had to make a knitting pattern. I figured this couldn't be hard to automate so I set out to make Knitwit.

If you give knitwit an image and selects a few key colors, knitwit will give you a knitting pattern in the size and gauge of your liking using the colors you picked. This pattern can then be modified to correct for small things and saved online or downloaded as an image. Try it out here: knitwit.dynkarken.com


dynkarken The site you are looking at is a simple blog and cms I built from scratch using web.py, rsync and markdown. I wanted a simple site for note taking and jotting down thoughts and was inspired by medium.com to make a no nonsense design focused on the content and using full page covers. The user interface of Dynkarken.com is made entirely without Javascript relying heavily on recent advantages in css.


ifany Ifany.org is my attempt at a minimalistic photo gallery where the images are in center and the viewer is encouraged to explore. I host my own photos on the site, many of which I use as cover images here on dynkarken. Ifany.org is built from scratch using the scala http request library unfiltered as the main pillar of the backend. The frontpage is pieced together using curl and radio for modularity and jquery for the rest.


trailhead Together with a few other students from EPFL I constructed an online application for exploring scientific articles. Articles would appear as nodes in the graph and similar articles would show up in the same area of the graph. We launched the site for several conferences including ISIT 2013. You can find it here trailhead.epfl.ch.

Penrose Tilings

penrose I was suddenly inspired one easter to create a web application for creating penrose tilings online. Penrose tilings is a kind of geometric pattern which has the rather curious property that it never repeats itself. Depending on the coloring of the tiling this can lead to a lot of very intricate patterns. You can find it here: penrose.dynkarken.com.