October 27th 2017

Continuing our series of fusion dance parties in Edinburgh, we're giving a full weekend a go on October 27th - 29th. Get ready for three solid days of live bands, DJs, and teachers - all bringing with them the freshest concepts in fusion.

Welcome Booklet

The welcome booklet is up! Download it here: WelcomeBooklet.pdf.

What's happening?

The philosophy of the tokamak is to be experimental. We want to test new and emerging ideas in the fusion scene and bring them to our friends, so we're powering up the reactor for a full weekend.

We'll start out with a welcome party on Friday, featuring a fantastic fusiony Edinburgh-based band called Teek. Then on Saturday we're bringing in our favourite teachers and asking them to share new ways to create fusion energy. The classes will be followed up by a fabulous costume party on Saturday evening, with a theme still to be announced. Expect more live acts, shenanigans and general nonsense, followed by yet another after-party. By the time it's Sunday afternoon we'll be ready to wake up with some gentle stretching and classes, before we finish it all off with a final cuddly snuggly party to make sure everyone is sent off on a high, fueled by dopamine and beautiful dances. See the full schedule in the welcome booklet.

Teachers and such

Tokamak is about being radical and torus-shaped, so we're inviting some of our favorite teachers. Some of them we love because of the way they contain a plasma field, others because of their good looks. The weekend will have 6 classes, each by a different teacher (or teacher pair). They've all got free reign to inspire you with their new and original ideas on how to create fusion energy. Read more in the welcome booklet.

Sign Up and Price

All passes have sold out, but you can put your name on the wait list or sign up for a party pass on the sign up form. To follow along with the latest haps you can check the Tokamak 2017 event on Facebook.


We want to allow as many people as possible to attend, even if you're coming from out of town. While we can't promise hosting for everyone, we'll try our very hardest. When you sign up, indicate that you're interested in being hosted and we'll get in touch.

For local dancers, consider hosting an out of town dancer -- soon to become your new best buddy! It'll be a delightful and touching experience. Add that you're interested in hosting on the sign up form, and maybe you'll get picked!

What the hell is a 'Tokamak'?

The word Tokamak is the name for our recurrent Edinburgh fusion dance parties. It derives from the Tokamak Reactor which in experimental physics is a torus-shaped device for creating fusion energy. When we first started the Tokamak parties in Edinburgh, the goal was to try out how we felt about dancing to music of the more fusiony genre, and so naming it after a fusion test reactor seemed like an appropriate fit.